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These are all of my babies.  If there is anything else you'd like to know about them, please feel free to ask.  Pedigrees are available upon request.

Phone: 435-590-2376

Email: maranda@tuffntinychihuahuas.com

** Gidgit is now retired **

Gidgit is casually looking for a forever home to retire to.  We are in no rush to see her go, we are simply open to the idea of her finding a perfect family.

She is an AKC blue and tan short coat chihuahua. She has a cute little apple head with big ears and a short nose with a good stop, and an excellent top line. She has a good bite and a killer personality! She is out going and loves attention, especially from my kids.  She is a doll!  The pictures on the right are the most recent of her.

Sophie is a half sister to Asia on their mom's side.  She is sweet and likes to cuddle.  She is an attention hog and really enjoys a lap all to her self.  She has a beautiful head with a nice stop and a great bite.  She has a good top line with a nice tail set, and her personality makes her a complete package.  We love her and she is our baby :)

This gorgeous boy came to us all the way from New York! And he is absolutely worth it! Not only is he an absolutely stunning long coat chocolate merle, but he is the most amazing pet! He is sweet and friendly, but outgoing and easy to get along with. He fit right in here as soon as he arrived. George is great with kids and is a fantastic companion. He just happens to be a beautiful boy too! He is nice and square with a great top line, short legs and a nice tail set. His head has a great apple shape and he has nice big eyes to go with his short snout. He's got it all! Conformation and personality! And we adore him!

We miss you and love you Max. Rest in peace.