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Here you will find all of our adult dogs and rescues that we are looking for homes for.  All of these guys are kennel trained, potty trained, and well behaved.  We make sure that all of our adults are very adoptable.  Please scroll down and look at their info to learn more about each one.  Some are retired breeders, others came to us for varying circumstances.  Please call, text or email with any questions or if you would like to meet someone.

All of these guys will come with a kennel, blanket and some food to get you started.  If you need, we can also throw in some food and water dishes.

We do ask for a small adoption fee to cover any spay or neuters that we do as well as vaccines, food, kennels, time and effort.

Phone: 435-590-2376

Email: maranda@tuffntinychihuahuas.com

*We do not currently have any adults available.