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Here you will find a copy of the text that is our Puppy Contract.  This is just for you to read and be aware of.  Wel will have official copies for you to sign at the time of purchase.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call, text, or email me.  Thanks!

Phone: 435-590-2376

Email: maranda@tuffntinychihuahuas.com

1. Tuff 'n' Tiny Chihuahuas, also known as Maranda Tilley, will here after be referred to as "breeder" and the person, party, or persons purchasing the puppy described above will be referred to as "buyer" thought out the following document.

2. The breeder guarantees that the puppy described above is in good health at the time of transfer and is guaranteed from communicable disease for 48 hours from the date of sale. The buyer is responsible for having the puppy checked with their vet within that time period. If the puppy is being shipped, the time period starts at time of shipment. We will not be responsible for Parvo, distemper, kennel cough or any other communicable diseases contracted after the puppy leaves our care.  If puppy is found to be ill upon arrival, buyer must immediately contact breeder and take the puppy to a veterinarian promptly.  Veterinary bills, costs and expenses will be discussed at that time between buyer and breeder in hopes of reaching an agreement.  If no agreement can be reached between said parties, the breeder will have final say as to what costs and expenses are the responsibility of the breeder and what are the responsibility of the buyer.  This is included but not limited to the decision of a replacement puppy if the breeder feels it is adequate compensation.  The breeder will make an honest effort to rectify the situation in an agreeable manner none the less.  

3. The breeder also guarantees the puppy to be free of genetic defects that would be life threatening and not medically manageable, until the puppy reaches one (1) year of age. If such circumstances occur, it is the buyer's responsibility to notify the breeder immediately and provide written proof of defect from a licensed veterinarian stating that the problem is genetic with no possibility of any other causes, such as accidents, insect borne diseases, parasites, viruses, illness, mistreatment or lack of care, etc. The breeder reserves the right to a second opinion on such a diagnosis, and if shipping and/or transportation back to the breeder is required to do so, it will be at the breeder’s discretion, and shipping/transportation costs will be the responsibility of the buyer, not the breeder. At the time of shipping/drop off, the registration papers are to be signed back over to the breeder and sent back with the puppy.  If buyer fulfills all requirements as stated above then paragraph five (5) will apply.  Otherwise, paragraph four (4) is in effect.  

4. If the buyer chooses to keep the puppy despite the findings of a congenital defect that would qualify as stated above to fulfill this contract, or fails to follow through with the requirements stated above in paragraph three, then the buyer assumes full responsibility for the puppy, and the breeder does not owe a replacement puppy of any sort to the buyer, nor is the breeder responsible for any medical costs/expenses, or mental pain and/or anguish associated with said puppy, and this contract is void.  

5. In the event that a congenital defect is discover in puppy described above, if the puppy is living or deceased, and all conditions stated above for either situation have been met, then the breeder will replace said puppy with one of equal or lesser value when one becomes available, and of the breeder’s choice. The breeder is not responsible for any associated charges such as vet visits, exams, treatment costs, shipping fees, transportation costs, or mental stress and/or anguish as a result of said puppy falling ill or passing away, and buyer understands that no compensation will be given for such costs and that buyer will cover all of said costs as long as the puppy described above is in buyer's care.  

6. If the puppy described above passes away while in the buyer’s care, the buyer must pay to have a necropsy preformed to determine the cause of death by a licensed veterinarian. If cause of death is from genetic defect and qualifies as stipulated above in paragraph three (3) to fulfill this contract, with out any other possible causes as stated above, then paragraph five (5) will take effect.  In the event that the buyer fails to follow through with these requirements as stated, then paragraph four (4) is in effect, and paragraph five (5) is no longer applicable.  

7. The breeder does not guarantee against hypoglycemia but will provide information on prevention and treatment of hypoglycemia. As a precaution, the breeder will not let puppies leave until they are eating well and ready for the transition. The breeder does not guarantee against Alopecia in blue colored dogs.

8. The buyer is responsible for contacting their vet and establishing a vaccination schedule, as it is the buyer's responsibility to continue the puppy’s vaccinations. Proper information will be given at the time of sale to make buyer aware of what vaccines the puppy has already been given. It is the buyer’s responsibility to protect the puppy from exposure to disease until they are fully vaccinated.  The buyer recommends keeping the puppy at home, away from other animals and parks where other animals have been until the puppy has received all its vaccinations.

9. The breeder cannot guarantee against incompatibility, that the puppy won‘t chew on your favorite pair of shoes, or that the puppy will be house trained in a day, but the breeder will provide information as well as support for training issues to the best of their ability.  

10. The buyer understands that the puppy described above is being sold as a pet only, and the breeder is unable to guarantee as to adult size, color, quality, fertility, or future offspring.

11. The buyer understands that the deposit to hold a puppy is non-refundable unless the puppy is found to be in ill health while in the breeder's care. In which instance, the deposit will be refunded, or it can be moved to another puppy, provided there is one available, and at the breeder‘s discretion.   

12. In the event that the buyer changes their mind, and no longer wants said puppy, if the puppy is still in the breeder's care, the deposit may be moved to another puppy, provided there is one available and at the breeder's discretion.  If no other puppy is currently available, the breeder is not obligated to transfer the deposit and the deposit is forfeit.  

13. Once a deposit is received, the buyer is guaranteed to receive said puppy as soon as it is weaned, eating well, of proper age, and in over all good health as determined by the breeder.  Buyer agrees to have said puppy paid for in full before puppy leaves the breeder’s care.  If the puppy is ready to go as determined by the breeder, and the buyer does not pay the remaining balance (if any is due), then the deposit is forfeited, it will not be refunded, and the puppy may be sold to another party.

14. The points stated in this contract should all be taken into consideration BEFORE purchasing a puppy.  The breeder is not responsible if the buyer fails to read and/or understand this contract in it's entirety.

15. This guarantee applies to the original buyer only and is non-transferable to second or third parties in the event that the puppy described above is sold. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract in its entirety and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Utah, in the county of Iron. It is agreed that the place on venue shall be in Iron County Utah. This contract is only binding if both parties, (buyer and breeder) have signed and dated this contract.